Listen Local Photography Collections
Invitation to an open collaboration and a potential Creative Europe Innovation Lab project.

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Listen Local Photography Collection

Photography and visual still images play central roles in documenting and promoting any form of cultural collections. Our Listen Local Collections help music promotion, export, documentation, archiving.
A frictionless technical, semantic, and rights management of photography is key skill to any digital cultural service or collection.
Check out our collection definition and our Listen Local Lithuania experimental music promotion scheme.

Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable Collections

Apply the FAIR open science principles to text (manuscripts, articles, books), sound recordings (music, documentary, audiobook), still images (photo, small print) and video.

Value proposition

✋🏾 Avoid tech monopolies: Learn to use and improve open source solutions that are suitable for small organizations without a dedicated IT function.
🧩 Collaborate to reach scale: Use open digital platforms to reach joint independent volumes and weight on proprietary, often monopolistic global platforms.
🛞 Stop reinventing the wheel: Use open-source, transparent automation for repeating tasks, particularly to make your inventory books machine-readable on global platforms without error. Blogpost.


🖇️ Link open data: Connect small catalogues, small documentation, and small inventory books into large, interlinked, collective ones to become competitive with big data and large data monopolies.

📈 Use algorithms that work for you, not against you: Use trustworthy data and AI to protect yourself against big data and algorithms that work against you.


Click to our Consortium project page or the slides.


Get in Touch: Daniel Antal | Gabija Liaugminaitė | Keybase Channel